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What Conditions Can Vision Therapy Help Treat?

Vision therapy is a customized treatment program that aims to improve visual processing by developing and/or improving the communication between the eyes and the brain.

To help enhance the eye-brain connection, a vision therapy program may include specialized lenses, prisms, and eye exercises. By strengthening the visual system, vision therapy helps treat several conditions and minimize their associated symptoms.

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Other Conditions Treated With Vision Therapy
patching thumbnail.jpg

Patching or Vision Therapy For Lazy Eye?

Basic Exophoria Thumbnail.jpg

Basic Exophoria | Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

anomalous thumbnail.jpg

Vision Therapy For Anomalous Retinal Correspondence

anisometropia thumbnail.jpg

Vision Therapy for Anisometropia

third cranial thumbnail.jpg

Vision Therapy For Third Cranial Nerve Palsy

covergence insufficiency thumbail.jpg

Vision Therapy for Convergence Insufficiency

strabismus Thumbnail.jpg

Vision Therapy for Strabismus

amblyopia thumbnail.jpg

Vision Therapy For Amblyopia

Children at school Thumbnail.jpg

Vision Therapy for Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, & Learning Disabilities

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